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Horsham Natural History Society encourages everyone to be interested and enthusiastic about all forms of wildlife. We are all involved with nature every day - there is so much to see and it shares the world with us. Whether you look on the ground, in a flower, a tree, water or the sky, there is always something to see, but do you know anything about it?

If you would like to know more about the natural world around you, or are already quite knowledgeable and would like to meet like minded people please contact Su or Roger. Come along with us at one of our events and see what we have to offer

Su Reed


Su Reed
Tel: 07949 826 835
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Su Reed is interested in all kinds of wildlife, especially insects, where she has a knack of spotting things that other people miss. She is a keen photographer who takes stunning photographs to record what she sees.

Roger Patterson


Roger Patterson
Tel: 01403 790 637
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Roger was brought up on a farm and has been involved with the countryside all his life. He has a general interest in wildlife, with a reputation for spotting what others often miss.
He feels strongly that wildlife is not something that is only displayed on a screen or destroyed if it moves, but should be understood. He is keen that HNHS provides the facilities for everyone to learn more.